Campaign for a southern entrance to Erskineville station

We have recently written to Minister Andrew Constance requesting the construction of a southern entrance to Erskineville station.

You can read the letter here.


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  • Anne Hewett
    04/11/2021 (8:58 am)

    This new entrance is proving to be a travesty. Today more street trees were removed and Bridge St is becoming a barren and an excessively noisy space
    Where else is a railway entrance built just metres from heritage listed residences with a planned crosswalk just outside a residents door.
    The greatest form of traffic on Bridge St is pedestrian and the culture is people walk up and down the road as there are few cars. There is no need for a crosswalk
    Such a poor decision supported by those who had no regard for the aesthetics of Bridge St or the residents.
    While lifts are needed they should have been constructed at either the Erskineville Entrance or on Victoria street which is currently an area in need of an upgrade.

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