Update on ‘One Sydney Park’ development

Many Sydney Park users will be unaware of the plans to build 390 apartments within the block containing Sydney Park. This former industrial land was planned to eventually be incorporated into the park and Friends of Erskineville still believes that should happen.
Unfortunately when FedEx ‘left the building’ at 215 Euston Rd on the eastern edge of the park, it was bought up by property developers.
In 2017, despite the City of Sydney (CoS) council being opposed to the project, the state government controlled ‘Central Sydney Planning Committee’ approved the concept plans.
More recently the developer, Maxida International, made a further application to significantly increase the heights by up to 47% that was rejected by CoS due to the impacts on Sydney Park and the fact that the detailed plans differed greatly from the original concept.

We already lost over a hectare of Sydney Park to the WestCONnex behemoth, and nobody wants the proposed ‘compensation’ park surrounded by exhaust stacks and heavy trucks at the St Peter’s WestCONnex interchange.

The Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, should intervene and cancel this unwanted and inappropriate development. The recommendation by the expert Design Advisory Panel was for a land swap to be investigated, which would allow a more suitable site to be found.

You can help by sending an email to the Minister using our template here:

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