Update 2 on ‘One Sydney Park’ development

Property developers are still trying to build 390 apartments within the block containing Sydney Park.

Despite the City of Sydney Council’s efforts to stop the development, the state government controlled ‘Central Sydney Planning Committee’ approved the initial concept plans.

At Friends of Erskineville we started a letter campaign to the Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, asking him to intervene and stop the project. We believe the land should be re-zoned as open parkland to preserve and extend the beautiful natural environment of Sydney Park.

Instead, the Minister ignored our plea and got a Planning executive to respond on his behalf. He tried to tell us it is out of the Minister or the Planning Department’s hands. Basically what they are saying is that if we want to protect Sydney Park, we ratepayers, through our Council, have to fork out $100 million to buy the land.

Meanwhile, the developer lodged more detailed plans where they tried to get even more apartments and more height than the original plans. City of Sydney justifiably rejected the plans so the developer is taking them to court. They had a mediation in November 2020 which failed to resolve anything so now the court hearing is set down for May 24, 2021.

We need to up the pressure, so if you haven’t already, please use our template here to write to Rob Stokes. You can also leave a comment on PlanningAlerts here (scroll down to the bottom), which will be received by Council, so they’ll get the message this is an issue that the community cares about.

[Read our previous update on this subject from Sep 2020 here.]

3 Replies to "Update 2 on 'One Sydney Park' development"

  • Alan Hamilton
    06/05/2021 (5:34 am)

    Open Space is not Wasted Space —- leave Sydney Park alone !

  • Marilyn
    06/05/2021 (11:06 pm)

    This is a massive over development and will have a catastrophic impact on the fragile environment of Sydney Park. It will be seen from almost everywhere in the park and the light pollution will affect the wonderful bird life and microbats.

  • Leon Rogan
    12/05/2021 (11:38 am)

    The land should be absorbed into the existing park, there’s enough apartment buildings everywhere already.

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